1. Avoid extreme or dramatic lighting. The simpler and more even the lighting, the easier it is for me to see the pet's color, unique features, eyes, and expression.

2. Straight forward shots, with the pet facing directly toward the camera, tend to translate best to the portrait style. Avoid shots taken from above or at odd angles, though these may look great in a photo, they can be problematic when used for a portrait.

3. The weirder the better! The best photos are the ones that reveal your pet's personality and shows what you love most about them: "He's goofy," "She's moody," She's cuddly," He's grumpy!" These are all helpful notes to provide, but a picture is truly worth a thousand words in this case. If you can capture their essence in the photo you send me, there's a much better chance I'll be able to translate it to their portrait.

4. Don't rush to get the perfect photo! I'll be here, so take your time to get the perfect shot. Pets are not always the most cooperative models, but don't rush it. Whenever you get a photo you love, place your order and I'll get to work!