Art on Block, created in 2014, RESUMED -2024

Came from a problem of how to show my note books in a gallery setting for my thesis show. Everyone was making painting that could be shown on walls and I hate notes books. I love drawing in my note book, and I can make my best work there because I have nothing to lose. If I do a bad drawing, I flip the page. I can’t expect people to each take turns flipping through my note book to see my work at my thesis show. I was in a digital printing class where I learned how to print onto wood. I would scan my art work, print it on wood , and then cut out Individual images on the bandsaw. A few things happened after making my drawing into sculptures. A drawing of an imaginary chicken next to a life drawing of someone the subway could stack on one another, creating new narratives. They became stacking blocks for the viewer to play with Another realization, the lines I drew in my note book once cut into a block had literal gravity. If I drew a leg of animal- it could balance up right on a leg unexpectedly. Or even flipped upside down, and it maybe the character is balancing upside down.