Events are so much FUN! I do pet portraits, (painted from photos from a phone), FAST. They're a slightly smaller size, so they dry in minutes and folks can take them home right away! I’ve done events at Facebook, Bark Box, Boris and Horton, CNN, American Ballet Theater, Fishs Eddy, Javitz Center, Global Pet Expo, Room Service and Hankyu - birthday parties and bar mitzvahs are (my fave!

If you’re having an event, I’ll be there! Just send me a message below:

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COVID getting you DOWN? Looking for something FUN and different to do on a Zoom call with your friends - while you’re Zoom drinking of course! Find your inner artist, (I promise it’s there), and paint a portrait of your pet - or someone else’s!


  • Single Participant is $350
  • 2-4 Participants is $80 per person
  • 5-10 Participants is $75 per person
  • 10-20 Participants is $70 per person

The price includes the cost of a 90 minute class and ALL the necessary supplies (ie: brushes, paints, markers, cardboard, etc)! I mail them all to you! So all you and your friends have to do is log in and start painting!